CTR offers single and double ended tie rod assemblies with ends for wielding adjustable length and cylinders assemblies. CTR utilizes forged tie end housing as well as all metal socket designs to provide long lasting performance and maximum strength. The tie-rod end housings are forged from only premium materials and heat treat to obtain the best grain structure for durability and strength.



      CTR provides positive sealing through parented closure methods. This ensures the tie rods have some of the best axial deflection values in the industry to control the preloading of the assemblies.  CTR utilizes a seal boot with premium polychloroprene to keep out dirt and have a patented grease relief valve which allows the grease to exit while keeping contaminates out of the joint. The bearings include grease grooves the ensure flow of lubrication throughout the part. Product size ranges from small ATV/UTV applications to some of the largest off highway equipment on the market.


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